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Alana Andrews is Generation Z’s newest business leader who has the insight and knowledge of understanding what the power of self-confidence can do in a person’s life. She’s the 15 years old,   Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO of So Positive, LLC based in Potomac Falls, VA.   So Positive is innovative in its approach by creating products that are designed to help today’s youth build their self-confidence while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


In the spring of  2018, Alana graduated from the Loudoun County Young Entrepreneur’s Academy where she worked with mentors and business leaders. There she developed a soon to be released new and innovative product designed for teen athletes. It will be the first of its kind


As a Silver Award Girls Scout, Alana understands the value of service and what it means to give back to her community. As a result, she’s founded the So Positive Initiative which is an acronym for (SPI). SPI mentors 5th-grade students to help them understand and develop their self-confidence as they matriculate into middle-school. The high school students that work with SPI have an opportunity to develop their leadership and public speaking skills along with earning volunteer and community service hours for their college applications.


In 2017, Alana self-published her first book entitled Timeless, which is a book of inspirational poetry written for all ages. Alana’s passion has also been to help others develop their self-confidence. As a student, she sees first-hand how the lack of self-esteem can affect a student’s grades, body image of themselves and social interactions. As a result, she was inspired to publish her second book Creating Confidence. Creating Confidence gives you an in-depth blueprint on how you can overcome obstacles, project self-assurance and rise to your highest potential. Alana shares everything on the subject with readers, from sound advice, personal stories, self-tested techniques to try out, as well as over a dozen or so inspirational quotes from some of today’s foremost celebrities.


At 14-years-old, Alana has spent half her life working towards her dream as the CEO of her own company. In 2011, she co-wrote and produced her first music CD entitled "It Doesn't Matter" to address the issues of bullying among elementary students. 


In 2012, Alana created a Girls So Positive YouTube channel and worked with her mom to produce a talk show called Girls So Positive Motivational Minutes. Guests appeared on the show to discuss topics relevant to tweens such as bullying, making the right decisions, sibling relationships, the art of cooking and more. 


In 2014, the first-ever Girls So Positive afterschool program formally called the Girls So Positive News, launched at Lowes Island Elementary school for 5th-grade girls. The club taught by Alana’s mom focused on teaching girls how to be comfortable speaking in front of an audience, present news materials in front of a camera, and the importance of self-confidence and self-love.



Alana is respected within the Loudoun County community by graduating from prestigious programs, earning top awards and recognition in the following areas:

·       2018 Harvard University Young Women’s Business Leaders Conference 

·       2018 Graduate of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy

·       Recipient of the 2018 Sterling Ruritan Community Award

·       Recipient of the 2018 Girls Scout Silver Award

·       Recipient of the 2018 National Junior Honor Society

·       Recipient of the 2018 NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award and Scholarship Winner

·       Recipient of the 2018 Student Body President's Award

·       Commencement Speaker at Lowes Island Elementary School 2018 Graduation Ceremony

·       Recipient of the 2017 Ben Lacey Leadership Award

·       Recipient of the 2017 Thomas Jefferson High School Leadership Conference Certificate


Alana plans to attend Standford University in the fall of 2022 where she will major in International Business. She’s also an active member of DECA at her high school.


When Alana is not studying or running her company, she's on the tennis court. She's a professionally trained tennis player and has been playing since the age of 4-years-old. She is planning on playing for the Potomac Falls High School Tennis Team in the spring of 2019.  In addition to tennis, Alana also enjoys playing, volleyball, playing with her dog Keba, making music, and cooking with her mom.


Alana is pictured speaking at the Raytheon Women's Network (RWN) Dulles
Panel Discussion
Alana attends the CEO Roundtable Discussion with the
Young Entrepreneur's Academy
Alana pitches her new product at the Young Entrepreneur's Academy
Investment Panel Competition
Alana presents at her very first speaking engagement at 11-years-old
At the age of 9 years old, Alana creates the Girls SO Positive YouTube Channel. She's on the set of her first talk show
GSP Motivational Minutes 

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