Author,  Speaker,  CEO & Founder
So Positive, LLC

"...Confidence exudes in her written words, allowing her to become the maker of her own destiny!”

Nahid Haidari, M. Ed.. Vice Principal

Potowmack Elementary School

“With "Creating Confidence," Alana Andrews has produced a superbly written, practical guide for building confidence in our children, and for equipping them to create and sustain self-confidence and courage for a lifetime.”                                                                                                                                    Tony Howard, President & CEO

Loudoun Chamber of Commerce


"...This is a must-read for adolescent children, teenagers, parents, educators, and anyone in need of inspiration!”

Dave Shaffer, Principal

River Bend Middle School



“Alana writes with insight and maturity well beyond her years. Her personal stories are insightful and honest and her strategies for ‘Creating Confidence’ are applicable to anyone who picks up this book.”



Brandon G. Wolfe, Ed.D., Principal

Potomac Falls High School



“Creating Confidence infused with poise and power allows us to believe in the seemingly impossible...


Nick Cottone, Principal

Seneca Ridge Middle School

So Positive is a company that's innovative in their approach to developing a positive self-image of themselves. As a graduate of the Young Entrepreneur's Academy (YEA), 15-year-old Alana Andrews learned how to turn her passion for helping teens build confidence and a healthy lifestyle into products by creating the first ever all-natural sports drink for teens. Her new product is being developed to be sold in local and national stores.

From her newest book "Creating Confidence", Dave Shaffer, Principal , River Bend Middle School has said "...This is a must read for adolescent children, teenagers, parents, educators, and anyone in need of inspiration!"

As a Silver Award Girls Scout, Alana understands the value of service and what it means to give back to her community. As a result, she founded the So Positive Initiative (SPI).

Alana is a freshman at Potomac Falls High School, she has enhanced her leadership acumen through active participation in diverse leadership programs and has received numerous leadership and community service awards within her school and community.