Poetry from the Soul of a Teen's Heart

Alana L. Andrews (Author), Zaina Tarafder (Illustrator), 
Shang L. Andrews, II (Cover Design)

Timeless is a book of poetry written by 13-year-old Alana L. Andrews. Alana expresses her thoughts, feelings and experiences of her life through the eyes of a young teenage girl. She openly expresses how she feels the pain of a lost friend, the joy of spring and what it means to be from the city where she was born. This book of poetry will inspire, move and entertain you. Alana writes from the soul of her heart.


“This is a wonderful book of poetry from author, Alana Andrews. Alana uses her creativity touch on all the important issues impacting young people today. She bravely provides readers with her true feelings but always with a focus on hope and the strength she finds in the support of her family. I would highly recommend this book as it will surely inspire and encourage others.”

—  Debbie Rose, School Board Member of

Loudoun County Public Schools