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In August 2018, Alana created the So Positive Initiative (SPI) at Potomac Falls High School as a way for high school students and 5th grade students to benefit from the initiative. SPI’s goal is to inspire and become role models for building self-confidence in our future middle school students. The initiative will help them to effectively build the strong foundation needed as they navigate through their experiences with peer pressure and decision making in middle and high school.


Alana also created a club where high school students have an opportunity to develop leadership and public speaking skills along with earning volunteer/community service hours for college admissions. The high school students will achieve this by speaking with 5th-graders about the importance of building confidence in themselves as they matriculate to middle school.


To date, SPI has partnered with seven elementary schools in Loudoun County, Virginia. The schools will use Alana's new book Creating Confidence as their reference point during the program.


SPI invited multiple elementary schools within the cluster of her high school at Potomac Falls High to work with and so-far Potowmack, Algonkian, Countryside, Sterling, Sugarland, Meadowland and Forest Grove Elementary School have responded with interest.


SPI is at the stage of reaching out to our local businesses to request funding for this program that will help with the purchase of copies of Alana’s new book entitled Creating Confidence; this book will be provided to each 5th grade student to use as a guide throughout the program and the year. Alana’s book has received endorsements by educations and community leaders within Loudoun County.

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